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Storm Studios


Nedre gate 7
N-0551 OSLO

Thomas Reppen

Managing Director / Producer
Mobile: +47 459 51 115

Morten Jacobsen

VFX Supervisor / Head of 2D
Mobile: +47 992 50 343

Lars Ellingbø

Animation Director
Mobile: +47 402 91 226 

Fredrik Arntzen

Producer / Studio Manager
Mobile: +47 924 56 149 

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Rami Hage

CG artist

Storm Studios

is the largest supplier of visual effects for commercials and feature films in Norway. Since established in 2001, we have garnered extensive experience in building digital environments and photorealistic creatures. As part of an industry in constant development it is vital for Storm Studios to focus on pipeline development and new technology for solving work in new interesting ways.


In 2010 Storm Studios co-founded the post-production house, Shortcut Norway, with Nordisk Film. Shortcut has 13 film editing, online, grading and sound design suites, run by talented artists and engineers. Storm Studios and Shortcut Norway share a beautiful old factory building next to the picturesque river running through Oslo. Having both companies under the same roof, ensures effective cooperation and clear communication, giving you a one-stop shop for all your VFX and post-production needs.



Our offices are located at the heart of Grünerløkka's most tropical and artistic spot, surrounded by the cascading Akersriver and just across the bridge from Blå and Ingensteds.

Artist Area

The Artist Area is the core of Storm Studios. Its a venue for artistic and technical discussions, development and production of visual effects. Our talented multi-national team of artists, and our three vfx-supervisors, are constantly pushing the boundaries of vfx in here. Everything runs exclusively on Linux 64-bit, and the custom made pipeline makes asset management, version control, dailies routines and review sessions all work together.

Dailies Room

Every creative company needs a room where staff can gather to discuss current projects or to meet with customers. Our facility has a big and modern meeting room. Here we’ve got everything we need for constructive discussion: multimedia projector, big canvas and wi-fi. In comfortable chairs, the customers or employees can lean back and watch previews, sketches, estimates etc – it will be provided with a high definition picture and surround audio. Every day Storm Studios artists meet up here for dailies, where they can discuss the progress on every project and develop new and innovative ideas.

Client Lounge

In the heart of our facility there’s a bright and welcoming lounge. There's a sofa, bowls with fresh fruit, a fridge with beverages and a beautiful living plant wall to rest your eyes on. The coffee machine acts as the natural place for spontaneous meetings between our clients, exchanging experiences and networking. 

Meeting Room

In the front-end of the studio there’s a small cozy room with big arched windows. The room is multifunctional, we use it for meetings with clients and for our internal discussions. Glass doors and round table in the middle are favorable for open conversation and it’s a perfect place for our employees to make phone calls or take a coffee break.


In collaboration with Euforia Film, we have access to a fully equipped in-house digital cinema, with 24 seats. The Sony projector can deliver resolutions up to 4K, in combination with crispy clear 7.1 surround sound, for the greatest film experience.