Be Special

We hooked up with Hungry Films

and director Vijay Sawant to animate thousands of CG butterflies for Fogg Scent´s new perfume commercial. VFX-Supervisor, Morten Jacobsen says "thanks to Vijays creative and quick replies we were able to pull off 19 shots with butterflies in 3 weeks time. He even spent the last week of the production in our studio in Oslo, adding the final touches with us, and grading in DaVinci with Raymond Gangstad at Shortcut."


This is the fourth commercial Storm Studios has delivered for the Indian market, and producer Fredrik Arntzen says, "Indian scripts tend to be less traditional than Norwegian commercials, and their budgets have increased, giving room for visual effects and animation. And it's a privilege being involved with directors as Vijay Sawant and Prakash Varma".